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Drink of the MonthWe are the drink enthusiasts! Kevin's Bartending Services span across California and cater to a variety of demographics. We highlight new and popular drinks right from our website!  Our bartenders nominate and vote on the newest, hottest drink every month!
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December 2013


This month we are going to celebrate Brandy for it's amazing flavor in Egg Nog.  Nothing says "the holidays" like some top shelf Brandy and the once-a-year comfort of Egg Nog.  Here is the absolute best recipe for Holiday Egg Nog mixing:

  • Ice Cream, Brandy, Egg Nog, Ice!


January 2014

  This month we are going to celebrate Vodka for it's amazing flavor in a Cosmopolitan Martini.  Nothing says "relax" after work like a nice crisp cosmopolitan. Remember to make sure you have a lemon slice with your Cosmo martini, it gives it the right assiduity to counter the vodka. Other vodka drinks:

  • Madras, Bay breeze, Cape cod, and Lemon Drop!

  • See our video page for step by step instructions how to make cocktails!

February 2014

 Come back next month for more tasty cocktails of the month!

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